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My journey with Shri Jyoti Star

When I first encountered Shri Jyoti Star, it was the most phenomenal Vedic astrology software written for DOS (Microsoft's pre-Windows computer operating system that had no graphics or mouse).

I immediately realized two things about the program: it was unbelievably powerful and it was incredibly difficult to use. Even without a graphical interface, the program's author, Andrew Foss, had created Vedic astrology software that included chart animation and many other very sophisticated features, but you had to be a technical wizard to use the program.

Over the next many years, I worked closely with Andrew as he implemented Shri Jyoti Star for Windows, and helped him to make the first Windows version (3.12) much easier to use and much more accessible. Andrew was incredibly responsive and implemented the vast majority of my suggestions.

He also listened to all of the other Jyotish practitioners who contacted him, and devoted himself to meeting the needs of as many Vedic astrologers as possible. In addition, from day one, it became clear that Andrew is the most completely dedicated software designer I have encountered. When bugs are reported, he usually fixes them the same day!

As a result, Shri Jyoti Star is now the foremost Vedic astrology program, and is used and endorsed by the top Jyotishis including Hart de Fouw, Komilla Sutton, Sanjay Rath, Dr. David Frawley, and many others.

Many of the program's features are light years head of other Vedic software, including the very best Page Designers, yes, two of them: one for designing each of the 24 different screens you can create and customize (with all of the charts, tables, graphs, listings, labels, and listings that you want, including custom tables with just the data you are interested in); and a second Printed Page Designer to use when you want perfectly laid-out printed pages, even ones with lovely backgrounds, additional notes, and beautiful charts.

The research features in Shri Jyoti Star also leave other programs "in the dust". You can search for a huge range of individual factors as well as combine searches, save sets of searches, create reports (even interpretive reports), and much more. So it is simple to find charts that have any yoga you can conceive of, or any other set of conditions.

You can shift all of the charts, tables, graphs, etc. for a person being viewed onscreen with the click of a button, forward or backward in time, by time increments (e.g. minutes, hours, days, months, years) or by Navamsha or Rashi. This makes rectification work incredibly easier to do.

And unlike any other astrology program on the market, you can see AstroMaps (aka Astro*Carto*Graphy maps) for two people's charts at once! And set up the program to change all of the charts, tables, etc. on a page to immediately change as you click on each new location. Incredible.

You can also use the software's time search to locate dates in the past or future when the planets you select are in specific signs (or even at specific degrees and minutes), which is great for more closely exploring a chart you see in a book that doesn't give the birth data.

It is beyond the scope of this introduction (please read my reviews) to mention all of Shri Jyoti Star's huge range of features, but suffice it to say that the program offers more data tables, more graphs, more dashas, and more capabilities than most Jyotishis will ever need.

I am happy to showcase this incredibly fine program to you.

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